Chapter 1 - Part 5: Girl on Fire

Saturday night had finally arrived.  Morand thought Dixie looked amazing, as he nervously sat them down at the bar for a quick bite to eat.  The venue "Gamer's Hideout" was an interesting place.  While the decor was that of a broken down mechanic's shop, it was actually a very chic place.

"I'm so glad you asked me to come out with you tonight, I was getting a bit of cabin fever at my place," Dixie said.  She brushed her hair off her shoulder and leaned in towards Morand for another bite of fine French cheese.

He blushed a bit and concentrated on his own plate, "I'm glad you said yes.  And you look very pretty," he managed to get out, but wasn't able to quite meet her eyes.

When he first met her in rags and a t-shirt, he hadn't expected her to clean up so well.  Her beauty alone was making him nervous.

After their meal, Morand ordered the two of them drinks.  He didn't know about Dixie, but knew that a drink would certainly help to calm his nerves.  What he didn't know was that Dixie was just as nervous as he was.  It had been a long time since she'd been out with someone, and never with a Fire Chief before.

"Cheers!  To a memorable evening!" Dixie laughed, the drink(s) doing their job to help the two relax around each other.

The conversation flowed between them.  Morand learned that Dixie had moved to Harmony when she graduated school to get herself out of a bad relationship.  She also wanted to be a teacher and loved kids and had been applying to the school that Cecil attends.

Morand was able to share with her that he had a son, including the story behind Cecil's mother.  That it had been a mistake, but one that he didn't regret because it lead to an amazing kid.  He was a bit afraid that him being a single father would scare her off, but it seemed to do just the opposite.

Unfortunately there wasn't a band playing there that night, but Dixie asked Morand to dance anyway.  She was a sucker for music and loved to dance when she had the chance.

Morand couldn't stop smiling the whole time.  Dixie made him feel so comfortable and normal.  He was starting to feel something change in himself, a sense of being fulfilled.  Of being whole.

Here was this amazingly beautiful and funny woman who seemed to feel the same way about him.  It was at this moment that he felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

Before he realized what was happening...

... he kissed her.  And it was beautiful.

Then reality hit and he was suddenly shocked and afraid that it might have been too soon for her.  "Oh, I'm sorry!  I shouldn't have done that, I mean, I should have asked you first, I'm sorry," he babbled on, apologetically.

"Morand," Dixie laughed, "calm down.  It was okay.  It was more than okay."  She laughed at his shyness.  He really didn't know how charming and attractive he was, did he?

"It is getting kind of late, however," Dixie said, "but I'd love to see you tomorrow if you're up for it?"

Morand's beaming smile was all the answer she needed.

"So, how do you feel about camping at the beach today?" Morand asked Cecil over breakfast the next morning.

"Yes!  I can wear my new swimsuit!" he squealed, rushing off to his room to change.

Once they got to the public beach, Morand pulled Cecil aside, "So, I hope you don't mind, but I invited someone to join us.  You remember that lady that moved in across the street from us?  Her name is Dixie, and she's become a friend of mine and wanted to come with us."

"Sure, Dad," Cecil said, with a knowing smile, "I think that's great!"

Dixie showed up soon after, looking amazing as ever in her beachwear, and Morand made the introductions.

The trio hit it off instantly and wasted no time getting down to the fun.  Dixie was certainly a natural with children and kept Cecil feeling like a part of the group and not as if he was a third wheel.

For most of the afternoon, it even appeared that she was having the most fun out of all of them.  Constantly coming up with new activities and things to do to keep them all entertained.  The waterslide was a definite win for all involved.

You'd think that she was a kid herself with how many times she'd gone down the slide, but with each time, the boys would laugh and join in.  Morand was happier than he'd been since he could remember, just having Dixie around made their little unit seem whole for the first time.

The two got a moment to talk on the seesaw, and Dixie couldn't help but bring up Cecil and how hard it must have been for Morand to be left with such a large responsibility with no notice.

Morand had feelings of regret in not being able to spend as much time with Cecil as he would have liked because of the demands of his job.  He knew, though, that he had an amazing son who has had to deal with a lot of his own abandonment issues regarding his mother.

Morand can't help but think about Cheri and how much pain she's caused his family, but can only hope that Dixie can see passed that.

As dusk drew near, the three sat around the fire pit roasting marshmellows and relaxed after a fun filled day.  Morand relayed a few of his firefighting stories and Cecil told a couple of new jokes he'd heard at school.  Dixie smiled the whole time. 

For a moment it almost felt like a real family.

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    Just in case anyone was wondering, no I didn't create Dixie in CAS, she's a genuine in-world girl. However, I do have Twallan's MODS which pull from certain sims in my bin to populate with, which of course are all fairly good looking to begin with. =)

    I definitely thank you all for reading, it really means a lot!!

    I've also created a Family Tree (even though it's still pretty small), I'll keep updating it throughout the course of the story. You can find it by clicking the link in the right side bar.

  2. It's nice to see Morand and Dixie having such a great time, with Cecil included. But knowing you've rolled single parent...well, I'm all on edge waiting to see what happens with that.

    The family tree thing is awesome. :D

  3. Aw they're all so cute together, even if it can't last. I'm loving this legacy :]

  4. Thanks Melissa! I know what you mean about being on edge, I get the same way when I'm reading other people's stories! Sometimes it's better when you don't know. =) (And you are free to copy the Family Tree!)

    Thanks to you, too, Mint!! I appreciate the comment!

  5. Great update!

    The family tree is pretty cool. I started one in MS Paint for the Archers, but abandoned it because it got too huge, what with all of Fiona's descendants. And Arthur's. Not to mention Hawk and Holly's. None of my other spares did quite as much damage to the town as those four.

  6. Thanks Becky!

    Yes, I'm a little nervous about playing in Harmony now. I've heard how smaller/medium sized neighborhoods can lead to lots of inbreeding, so I really wanted to make sure I had a way to keep it all clear - that's when I stumbled across the family tree thing. I was just thrilled it was free! Haha

    (Though I'm not looking forward to keeping up with it if I ever roll a 5 kid generation!)

  7. I have my own family tree on a Mac Numbers chart with photos and everything. xD Ella and Matthew alone make me want to give up on it. (Why did I ever let them have more kids?)

    Back to the comment:

    D : Crap this isn't goanna end good. Way to just go and build me up so you can break my heart. I feel so sorry for Morand. *hugs* I hope he finds real love somehow.

  8. I should do a family chart :) Thanks for the idea, I'll add it to my legacy soon.
    I looooove Dixie :D

  9. I have a question about the familyecho website :P I made the family tree, but I don't know how to link it on my blog. How did you do it Red?

  10. I really like Dixie with Morand and Cecil... too bad it's doomed!

  11. So I noticed that this generation is a single parent. *cries* Morand and Dixie are so perfect together! Curse these rolls! Lol. I'm still hoping some how you worked this all out. Onward to the next chapter!