Chapter 1 - Part 4: The Heat is On

The next morning at breakfast, Cecil couldn't help but notice the change in Morand's look.

"I like your hair, Dad.  You look different now.  Good different."

"Thank you, Cecil.  I'm just trying something new," Morand replied, still not feeling completely satisfied.  He wasn't sure what was wrong with him, only that he felt something missing inside.  He had a job he was successful at, a sweet and charming son, a house that had most everything they needed.  What else was there?

"You should go on a date," his son said matter-of-factly between spoonfuls of frosted flakes.

Morand coughed in surprise.  "A date, huh?  And where would I find one of those?" he joked with his son.

"You should try the lady that just moved in across the street.  She looks nice."

At Cecil's insistance, Morand was basically peer-pressured into going across the street to introduce himself.  He took with him a fresh plate of Cecil's homemade cookies as a housewarming gift.

He showed up to the house to find a rather cute looking blonde cleaning up the outside.

Morand passed her the box of cookies and introduced himself, somewhat clumsily.  He'd never really had much experience with women.  In fact, the end result of his only experience so far was the one who pushed him into talking to this woman at all.

She turned a bit red at being caught off guard, "Oh, hi!  Thank you for the cookies, yes!  They smell amazing.  I'm sorry," she blushed, "I wasn't expecting company, I look like a complete mess!"

Morand learned that her name was Dixie Murray and she'd just moved to Harmony to chase her dream of becoming a musician.  She didn't know many people in town and seemed grateful that Morand had stopped by to say hello.

"So, what do you do, Morand?" Dixie asked.

He put on a deep, sexy voice and said "I'm a firefighter, baby".

Which made them both crack up.

The conversation flowed quite easily between them and after a little while Morand completely forgot to be nervous around her.  His shy nature usually told him to run and hide from strangers, but Dixie somehow made him feel quite comfortable.

Before he knew what he was doing, he said those dreaded words that he feared the most...  "So, uh, do you want to maybe do something this weekend, possibly?"

Dixie looked at him with a little smile on her face.

Morand rushed ahead, "I don't go out a whole lot, but I heard that the Gamer's Hideout was just recently renovated and they sometimes have live music there.  I thought maybe you'd like that, being a musician and all?"

Dixie could barely contain her excitement, "That would be amazing!  Yes!  Of course, I'd love to go with you!"

Morand thought it was too good to be true and didn't want to press his luck by saying anything more that might ruin the moment.

 "Okay then, I'll see you on Saturday," he told the excited woman.

"Yes, see you then!" She replied.

While Morand was trying to contain himself with Dixie, Cecil was busy in the park with his best friend Jett Boggs.  The two were getting pretty close, spending almost every day after school together, playing in the park across the street or helping each other with their homework on the school playground.  They were practically inseparable.

Over the next couple nights, Morand suddenly found that he couldn't sleep.  His mind racing with the trepidation of the upcoming date.

Here he was, almost an Adult, and he'd never even been on a date before.  What were they going to talk about?  What could this beautiful woman possibly see in him?  What if she was only going out with him because she felt sorry for him?  All the baggage that Cheri left him with started to resurface, making him doubt himself.

He knew this is where a decision would have to be made.  Would he run towards Dixie, or keep running away?

Title / Glenn Frey



    Sorry for the random shot of Cecil and his friend. I felt like he was being neglected again, so just thought I'd show what he's been up to.

    I also don't think I ever explained his name, since he wasn't born in my control, I didn't get to choose it. I was thinking of changing it until I saw his list of favorites, then I thought it was a perfect name. =)

  2. Cecil is cute. =) I wish I had your discretion with picture taking. I blog about every single little stupid thing my sims do.

  3. My name is Cecilia so just let me go on thinking that you named him after me, k? <3

    As Becky said, I love how you actually keep to the story. xD I think I write more about tangents then the story itself.

  4. Morand is looking really cute these days. :D
    And who wouldn't want a hot firefighter to ask them out? It's so sweet that he's insecure about himself when he's such a catch.

  5. I was in love with Morand's old geeky look.

    But I suppose it wouldn't work with all those muscles he has now. xD

  6. Well, because of the silly Mid-Life Crisis, he had the wish of "Get Makeover" come up REPEATEDLY, so I figured he really wanted one.

    The muscles come from the Fireman career needing a high athletic skill...

    Perhaps the geeky look will appear again later. =)

  7. I also vote for the geeky look! :).

    Is Morand allowed to find love, or is he required to stay a single parent forever?

  8. Thank you Susan - your vote is counted. =)

    And "Single Parents" aren't required to stay single forever, just until the heir reaches young adult, but then they would also be forced to move out of the house.

  9. Dixie seems like a very sweet person. I hope she doesn't have an ulterior motive! I think poor Morand has been through enough. Can't wait to see if he has the courage to go out on their date.

  10. I love what you did to the shots of your sims, it actually looks interesting and fun to read so now I'm hooked. Will be reading away!