Chapter 2 - Part 11: Hi Tek Girl

The house was full of partiers as another birthday was being celebrated in the Cagley family.  Flora's teen debut was upon them.

She invited over several of her friends as well as family.

A party was no excuse for not doing your homework, Julius thought.  He plopped himself down in the middle of the floor and got to work.

Vincent couldn't help but laugh at his brother and was using the excuse of the party to not do his own homework.  Any excuse he could take to put off that chore, he usually would.

Aunt Khalilah brought her current boyfriend to the party who constantly took pictures of Morand, who still held on to some of his fame from being the Fire Chief for so many years.  The old man didn't mind so much, it felt kind of nice to know that his work from the past was still being appreciated.

Faith had invited Drake as well, who arrived as the sun was beginning to set.  The two old friends spent a little time catching up.  "You have such a beautiful family, Faith, you are quite lucky," the old soul told her.

She looked around the room and couldn't argue that fact.

Everyone gathered around the birthday girl as the candles were lit on her cake.  Khalilah was overly excited while her father, Cecil, seemed to be in his own world.

As Flora was trying to come up with an adequate wish, Morand came up behind his granddaughter and whispered something into her ear.  The girl giggled and turned back to her cake.

Flora leaned in and blew out the candles, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

After everyone had their fill of cake, it was back to partying.  Khalilah grabbed her man and drug him to the living room to dance.

Faith got a chance to catch up with her older brother, hearing about how well her newest niece, Leanne, was doing.  "She looks a lot like my mom, from what I've heard," Cecil added.

Flora cornered Drake.  She had heard a lot about this man from her mother and knew that there was a history there between him and her family.  She was curious by nature, but he held a certain allure that she was finding hard to resist.

"Thanks for coming to my party," she told him.  "I have to admit, I've wanted to meet you for a long time.  In fact, I've been helping my mom with her garden lately.  I believe we still send your supply of Plasma Fruit from our personal plants."  She was rambling, she realized, but he made her slightly nervous.

Drake looked the teenager over, "that must be why they were the best tasting fruits I have had."  

Flora blushed while Morand kept a watchful eye on his granddaughter.  He still didn't trust the Vampire people and wasn't sure how he'd feel about Flora getting involved with one.  Even one that Faith seemed to trust.

After the guests had gone and the boys were sent to bed, they were too riled up on a cake high to get any sleep.  Instead, squeals and laughter could be heard coming from their room.

Vincent took a little too much pleasure in beating his brother over the head with the pillow.  It wasn't long before Julius had to call a truce and the boys finally climbed into bed after a long night.

In the quiet that followed, Morand sat down to help Flora with her homework as well as give her a bit of advice.  "You are a big girl now and are free to be friends with whoever you like," he said to her quietly, "just be careful around people of a certain type, you know?  Not all of them are nice, sweetie," he finished.

Flora wasn't sure where this was coming from, after all, his mother had known Drake since she was in high school.  Did her grandfather know something that he wasn't telling her?  "I will, grandpa, don't worry," she replied.

He smiled and kissed her on the forehead, "that's a good girl," he said as he lumbered off towards his bedroom and a long night of restless dreams.

Flora has the gift (and very long fingers)!
Rawr, gimme cake!

The gnome family gets in on the celebration.

Title / Cosmic Cabaret



    Sorry for another short chapter, the next one should be a bit longer!

    Things are definitely moving faster now that the new lifespan has been in effect for awhile. Flora will be the first child that has lived under one lifespan. Heh

  2. Redhead, the first pic of Flora blowing out her candles isn't showing for me. I tried opening it in a separate window and got a file not found error.

    Otherwise, great update! I was hoping there might be something with Drake and Flora once she came of age. :D

  3. Thanks for letting me know, Melissa, I've tried replacing the link, so hopefully it'll show up now!

    I just can't seem to keep Drake away, can I? =)

  4. Well have you even looked at that boy? He's gorgeous!

    Anyway, I loved your update. And teen Flora is beautiful. Faith's got some good genes, eh?

  5. Drake is back again! I don't have Late Night, so I didn't know that vampires might not age. They can be set to age slowly, can't they? I keep wanting to see him pair up with an heir! Ha.

    I don't think I mentioned it, but I have linked to you. ( Almost every single Sims story blog I was reading stopped cold over the summer. So I'm thrilled to see they Cagleys still in action.

    What lifespan were you using before you changed it?

  6. Hi Susan!! I think the default for Vampires is a very long lifespan, but using Twallan's Master Controller I have most of the occults set to not age (most Vampire lore have vampires being stuck at the age they were 'turned'). I may change that later on, however. =)

    Thank you so much for the link! That's very nice of you!! I will check out your blog as well!

    I started out the Legacy (when Generations was released) with an incredible 675 day life span (1 Simweek = 1 Year). I honestly don't know what I was thinking, then lowered it to 200something (2 Days = 1 Year), but it was still too slow. Now I'm at a more normal 100 day span (1 Day = 1 Year). It will be this from here on out. =)

  7. Oh mah gahhhh! Flora is beautiful! And I love the over-protective Morand. So cute.

    Great Chapter. :)

  8. Oh, I can't wait to see what happens with Flora and Drake!

    BTW, Khalilah's boyfriend is one hot hunk! I was like WOWZER! Maybe it's just the angle in the photos, but he is super cute. Good job Khalilah!

    Also, I like Flora's hair. A lot. It looks fabulous on her.

  9. Haha, thanks Buckley!

    Funny story about Khalilah's boyfriend... I forgot to mention this in the challenge notes, but I was actually grooming him to be FAITH'S potential husband. He's even in one of the screenshots of a previous birthday party (Chapter 1, Part 11) as a teen, but when I checked his traits I was disappointed to find he's a complete mess, a slob, couch potato, etc. =( It was such a shame!

    BTW: He's not with Khalilah anymore, which is kind of a good thing, because if he ever has kids with someone else, I may be able to get his genes into the family. =) (Khalilah is a heart breaker, he was actually her third boyfriend, she's on number four now).

  10. It wouldn't be a Cagley birthday without dancing :]

    Faith turned out to be such a pretty teen, and I can't wait to see what happens with her and Drake :3

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  13. Flora is SO pretty, but I wish things were able to go somewhere with her and Drake. :( Also, randomly, I love that black and white photo of the twins in the scene where they're pillow fighting. <3