Chapter 2 - Part 5: Invention of Beauty

The morning began like any other; a broken sink, breakfast to be made, an overflowing washing machine.  Faith set out to accomplish the days' chores before her mind snapped, she had to get out of the house.

She packed up her tackle box and fled to her happy place.  Just her, the water and the fish. 

When life becomes too much and Faith finds herself in the wilderness it means there's a lot on her mind.  The outdoor air helps to relieve some stress about the upcoming event.  Was she ready?  Was she far enough in her career?  Was Pete the right guy for her?  Is this what cold feet feels like?

The fishing line suddenly tugged in a way that Faith had never felt before, almost as if it was saying "ding ding, pull me up".  She gave the pole a heave and saw something flying up at her from the water.

It was the largest, most perfect Angelfish Faith had ever seen.  In fact, it was the first Angelfish she'd ever caught.  Knowing that the Angelfish is a very close relation to the Butterfly fish, Faith couldn't help but wonder if this might have been a message from her mother.  A feeling of calm and serenity came over Faith as she unhooked the fish and set it back into the water.  "Thank you, mom," she said softly, watching it swim away.

Yes, she was ready, her career would wait and Pete was an amazing guy.  Faith would have no cold feet on this, the day of her wedding.

The main wedding venue that most residents of Harmony use was still a painful place for her father to go, being the last place he had been happy with Dixie, so Faith chose her favorite place in town.  The Butterfly Pavilion.

Pete brushed himself off nervously as he stood talking with Augustine, his brother-in-law, and a friend.  The soon to be wed groom came from a rather large family, with several of them making it out for the big day.

Morand kept the guests entertained by showing them pictures of his grandchild, Khalilah, since she was in school and unable to attend the wedding.  Faith's boss and best friend, Lyndsay Jacobs looks on in cleverly concealed humor.

When Faith showed up, she took everyone's breath away.  Morand had gifted her Dixie's own veil as her "something old", she felt like a princess wearing it.

The ceremony itself was short and sweet with Morand and Cecil standing in as witnesses.  Their vows were simple and true to their hearts, above all to love and cherish until death do them part.

It was really the cake that everyone was looking forward to.  Especially Cecil who was able to forgo his strict athletic diet for the day in celebration of his sister's wedding.

The best part about being the bride and groom is that you are first to get your cake while the horde of hungry guests you've invited are forced to attack the thing like a pack of starved sharks at a feeding frenzy.

Once the cake had been decimated and the guests were feeling stuffed, the reception continued with the well wishers congratulating the newly bound couple.  Morand shook Pete's hand, welcoming him to the family (and house) while Faith chatted up Cecil, congratulating him about his recent MVP award.

The reception then turned, as all good Cagley gatherings do, into a dance party.  The newly betrothed couple taking center stage.

Once they'd gotten all their pleasantries out of the way with the guests, the two were able to steal a moment together.  Pete gazed into his wife's glowing face.  "You are so beautiful," he told her, as he stroked her cheek.

He pulled her close to him and whispered in her ear, "I have your something new," he said.  "I bought this place for you and had it renamed the Dixie Cagley Butterfly Pavilion".

Faith was completely taken by surprise and pulled Pete into a hug, almost breaking into tears over his generosity.

"Pete, you shouldn't have," she said when she could finally speak again, "it's too much.  It's amazing.  I love it.  I love you," she said, dabbing a tear from her eye.

He laughed, wiping her other cheek, "You're right, I probably shouldn't have.  Lyndsay informed me now that we're married I have to quit the science lab.  Evidently they don't like it when the boss marries the help," he smiled.  "But," he continued, "I wouldn't have it any other way.  Besides, this will give me a chance to try out some ideas I've been tossing around in my head."

Faith was in far too good a mood to worry about Pete's unemployment status, "What do you say we go home and toss around ourselves?" She said quietly.

They slipped out before any of the guests even noticed.

At home, they flopped down on the bed, taking in a big breath.  Nothing needed to be said, they only laid together, enjoying the quiet after the rush of day.

Above all else, Pete made sure that she was comfortable, taking things at a slow pace, as this would be the first time for both of them.  "I just have one request, wife," her husband said.

"And what is that, husband?" his wife replied.

"Can we turn the picture of your father around?" he answered.

With all the trust in the world, Faith gave herself over to her husband.

Title / Son Ambulance



    So, the wedding was a bit of a nightmare. At least all the guests sat down, but I was REALLY REALLY trying to get a picture with the in-game camera of their vows to hang up at the house, but Morand glitched and was frozen, having to reset him and teleport him back to the party. Ugh. So now I have no romantic pic. *sigh*

    Also, it's kind of a poor gift for Pete to buy the Butterfly Pavilion with all of Morand's money, haha, but I thought it sounded sweet coming from him. That's one venue/property down, two more to go!

    So, check out the family tree, the addition of Pete's family has ballooned it quite a bit!! And you can see that a lot of people in the tree are people in the wedding photos. =)

  2. I loved this chapter! And Faith's dress! I loved the green accents! :) Cute ending, "Turn the picture of our father around?". Haha.

    Can't wait for the next installment. :)

  3. I loved the wedding! And her DRESS! Where did you get that? It's so gorgeous!

    Pete's line about turning the photo around... xD Cracked me up. I loved it. I'm starting to like him.

  4. That line about the picture wasn't even planned but when I noticed Morand staring at me from the side of the bed, it was too funny to pass up. =)

    Cece, the dress came with the Romanza set from the Store. A few weeks ago they went on a spree, discounting a new set every two hours and I unfortunately couldn't stop myself from buying every one (which was their intention, I'm sure).

    Faith is taking the "It's So You!" rule seriously with her Lime Green! (Though, to be honest, I tend to do that with all Sims, regardless of the rule).

  5. Beautiful wedding, Redhead!
    The glitch with the camera drives me crazy. I've just given up on in game photos. Which is sad, because it adds such a personal touch to the legacy house.

  6. Started reading this today, love the story. I'm going to miss Morand, but I'm excited to see what Faith and Pete's life will be like

  7. Thanks Anonymous, I'm very appreciative of your comment, and I'm gonna miss him too!! =(

    Melissa, it's VERY sad, as I love to have pictures of the family scattered about, especially for big events like this. *sigh* Hopefully down the line it'll get fixed (yeah, right).

    Also, I realized when looking at the picture of Faith and Pete at the cake, I basically just paired up another Morand and Dixie, they look EXACTLY the same!! Haha I'll try to mix it up a bit in the future. =)

  8. I love Faith and Pete! How on earth did you pull of such a fabulous wedding? Parties are such a pain in the a** if you ask me. I can NEVER get the right people to do the right things at the right time. But their wedding was beautiful, Red!

    Congrats Faith and Pete!

  9. You have such gorgeous pictures. Oddly, my favourite part was actually the smooth transition for Pete from old job to legacy job.

  10. Buckley: Believe me, parties are a pain in the --- for me too!! It takes forever to get the pics with all the pausing and "call over" interactions. =)

    Tamlyn: Thanks!! It worked out soooo well having Faith meet her hubby at work, with Twallan's Story Progression mod, he has the perfect traits for an inventor (eccentric and perfectionist), it couldn't have been better!

  11. Weddings are always about the cake ;]

    Faith looked so gorgeous at the wedding! I love how endearing your characters are, I want to root for all of them.

  12. I finally finished reading your blog. So far so good, and I've enjoyed it quite a lot :)

  13. HAHA Mint! How I wish Beatrice or Aria could have been there to appreciate it. =)

    Thank's Ani!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your read!! That means a lot. =)

  14. Haha, a lot of this chapter made me laugh. Am really starting to get into it!

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