Chapter 1 - Part 10: Through the Fire and Flames

The weekend finally rolled around and with it being such a beautiful day, Morand decided to take Faith to a very special place.

He hadn't been back to the Butterfly Pavillion since Dixie's passing, but he was pleased to see that not much had changed.  Faith's eyes were as wide as saucers as she was wheeled through the many different plants and trees that filled the atrium, not to mention the rainbow of different colored butterflies flitting about.

Once out of the carriage, Morand tried to get Faith to stand on her two feet.

However, Faith was an incredibly fast learner and it didn't take her much time at all to master the art of walking.  She was soon tearing up the pathways, chasing the butterflies and running up to her daddy, who's arms were always close by.

This little girl meant more to Morand than anything in the world.  She was his link to his one true love.  Now it was time to let her experience the next stage in life.

For today was Faith's second birthday!

Morand pulled out the cake and Cecil arrived just in time to see his little sister grow up.  It meant a lot to celebrate this birthday here, in this place, as it meant to much to Morand and Dixie.  It was the place where Morand learned that Dixie was pregnant, it was also only two doors down from where Dixie was currently resting in peace.

After the candles were blown out, the newly grown Faith was pretty exhausted and the family went back home where she found a surprise waiting for her.  A new bedroom, sparsely furnished with what Morand could afford to spend, the music box being her favorite present of all.

Morand and Cecil spent the rest of the weekend doing what they loved best (working out), which was one of the things they enjoyed doing together.

Faith would rather spend her time outdoors with a fishing pole in hand.

It didn't take her long to find that the pond across the street from the school was full of fish.  She could spend all day out there, casting her line, being out in nature (or at the very least, a nice park).  It gave her a sense of peace.

Unfortunately, Morand was out on an emergency for Faith's first day of school and was unable to take her.  Good thing her big brother was there to show her the ropes and walk her through the complicated ordeal that was "getting inside".

As soon as the bell rang, she was right back to the park to cast her line.

It was another busy week for Morand as he was invited to City Hall once more for another award ceremony, this time with the new Mayor.  This was becoming such a common occurrence that his walls were quickly becoming lined with awards and certificates.

Faith was either trying to capture the moment on her cell phone, or was texting a friend: "my dad is aw3som".

The house wasn't quite finished yet, but that didn't stop Cecil's birthday from coming, so they did what they could to make the place look livable and decided to throw a party.  It seemed just about everyone from his class showed up, as well as Brett, Jett's older brother.

As per Cagley Family Rules, the event quickly turned into a dance party with everyone showing off their best moves.  

While watching his son dance with his boyfriend Jett, out of the corner of his eye Morand thought he saw something move around outside the window, but shrugged it off.

Morand watched with mixed emotions as Cecil made his wish and blew out his candles.  His son was growing into a man, soon with his own responsibilities and career.

He still felt pangs of guilt about not being completely there for him.  He only hoped that Cecil would forgive him, as he was quite young and unprepared when left with the task of raising a son as a single parent.

Though once the candles were out and Cecil's change had come, it seemed as if he had grown up well-adjusted after all.  Jett seemed particularly pleased at how his boyfriend turned out.

Over cake, Cecil broke the news to Morand that he would be moving out of the house the next day.  That he'd found a little apartment not too far from here, that he was anxious to get started with his new life.  He'd even taken a job at the sports stadium and wanted to be a professional athlete.

"As soon as Jett's birthday comes, he plans on moving in as well.  It's a two bedroom apartment, so we're kind of hoping that the second bedroom gets filled with a baby Cagley soon," Cecil smiled and winked across the table at his boyfriend.

The news came as a bit of a shock to Morand, who was hoping to get to know his son a bit more closely now that they had some of the same interests.  But, you can't hold a Sim back when it comes to fulfilling dreams and desires.  

Also, the thought of becoming a grandfather was both a little exciting and daunting at the same time.

His son was all grown up.

 Who doesn't love a good cross-eyed birthday pic?


That Cecil has SOMETHING on his mind...

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    So, Cecil is all grown up and has since been moved into his own apartment. His last trait was Dramatic. I had originally been grooming him to be a painter, even giving him the Artistic trait as a teen, but I guess the Athletic trait won out and he immediately joined the sports career.

    Jett aged up the next day and they two were married the day after. (SWEET!)

    Faith was given the Family Oriented trait.

    The family tree has been updated as well!

  2. Day-um. Cecile grew up fine. (Ohmygosh I say this so much. People are goanna start thinking I have a fetish for sims. O_O)

    Love the outtakes. Dixie is soooo cute.

  3. Very nice! Faith is a lovely little girl. :D
    I'm glad Cecil is getting a good start to his grown up life.

  4. But what did Morand see out of the window? I sense foreshadowing. Either that or I'm trying to over-dramatize things, which is quite possible. XD

    Glad to see Cecil grew up well, and is together with Jett. Loved the outtakes; Faith is one cute kid.

  5. Cece: Cecil didn't turn out too bad, huh?? I have to say Morand has some pretty amazing genes, if I don't say so myself! haha (And I think you meant Faith, which is totally understandable, I get them confused all the time - especially as she gets older!)

    CDreams: There's a clue hidden somewhere in this post and perhaps it's a little foreshadowing of a cameo to come. =)

  6. Wow Cecil turned out great ;] And Faith is quite cute as well :3 I'm anxiously awaiting seeing what her roll will be :]

    I'm curious who that lady outside is. Cecil's mother maybe? Hmmm... I guess I'll just wait and see :p

  7. Cecil is a great big brother to Faith, showing her around school and stuff. I hope they continue to have a close relationship. I'm wondering who or what Morand saw out of the corner of his eye. Hopefully all will be revealed.