Chapter 1 - Part 13: Disco Inferno

It had been awhile since their last Father/Daughter day, so Morand decided to take Faith out to the ballpark to spend a little time together.

It was another one of Harmony's gorgeous days and he couldn't think of any better way of spending it than with his gorgeous daughter.

Though he did tend to get a little over-excited about throwing the ball.

When the two tired of the baseball diamond they decided to grab a drink at The Dug Out.  

Even with just the two of them, Morand could tell that Faith's mind was somewhere else.  "What's on your mind, sweetheart?"

She snapped back from whatever thought had been crossing her mind, "Oh, nothing much."

"Vampires?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

She let out a big sigh, "I know you don't care for them, daddy.  But, they're not all bad.  Bad tempers maybe, but not bad people.  I think I can help them," she said, with a look of hope in her eye.

Morand looked at his daughter, almost grown and soon to be responsible for herself and knew he raised a daughter who was capable of doing great things.  "Just be safe, hun.  That's all I ask," he said, returning to his juice.

She just smiled at her father.

Life carried on like normal over the course of the next few weeks.  Faith constantly scourged the science section of the paper for any new developments that might help her in her research.  She hadn't heard from Drake in at least a week, but wasn't surprised.  The Vampire people were a proud people, she wasn't expecting any kind of olive branch to come from him first.  However, that didn't put her off from doing whatever she could to help him.

It also didn't stop him from checking up on her.

The next day Morand came home with a gift for Faith.

"I know you've been working really hard on whatever it is you're working on, but everyone needs a break now and then.  When was the last time you went out with your friends or did anything outside?" he asked.

Faith didn't have the heart to tell him that she didn't really have any friends.  Or any hobbies that didn't include books or research papers.

Morand continued, "did you realize that tonight is your prom?  Why don't you go, let your hair down, take a night off?  I got you a dress, I hope you like it," he said, handing over the gift wrapped box.

"Oh, daddy, you didn't have to do that," Faith replied, a little embarrassed about not realizing that the prom was tonight.  "I don't have a date or anything, what would I do there?"

"You go for yourself!  Dance to the music, meet new people, just have a good time," he urged her.

She took the package and gave him a big hug before running up the stairs to change.

An hour later, she was off to the prom.  Dateless, but looking forward to a night away from books and papers and thoughts of Vampires.

To keep his mind occupied while Faith was off at the prom, Morand used the evening to put the finishing touches on his master bathroom.  New appliances meant new upgrades to complete!  (Matching pajamas sold separately.)

It was pretty late when Faith returned to the house, but she found Morand still up waiting for her.  Sitting down at the table, she told him all about the party.

"It was SO fun, dad!  When they announced my name for Prom Queen, I almost choked on my punch!  I guess helping half the student body with their homework won me some extra votes," Faith laughed as she showed off her crown.

"How could they not vote for the smartest and prettiest girl in the class?" Morand replied in true doting father fashion.  "I'm glad you had a great time tonight, sweetheart.  See, it pays to leave the books on the shelf once in awhile."

"Yes, yes, yes, you were right, dear Father," Faith teased.  Then yawned.

"Off to bed with you, Daughter.  Your Father commands it," they laughed, then went promptly to bed.

The only thing missing from the prom had been Drake, who was nowhere to be found.  She began to wonder if the Vampire even attended the school at all.

 Morand had the Opportunity come up to dance at a club for simoleans.
While the pics didn't fit into the story, they were too priceless not to share!

I'm guessing this is where Cecil and Jett go on their nights out... =)
(Morand is way too excited about the shirtless bartender!)

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    Being a bookworm, Faith really does spend a lot of time reading and very little time socializing. She actually doesn't have any friends outside of the family (which is really kind of sad). However, she WILL be very prepared for her future career. =)

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