Chapter 1 - Part 8: Baby's on Fire

The day of the wedding was here before anyone knew it, yet Morand couldn't have been more excited or proud.  While he waited for his blushing bride to arrive he laughed and joked with the few friends that were invited.  Nerves didn't play into this scenario at all, because the man wasn't nervous or scared to be getting married, he'd been waiting for her his whole life.

To keep Cecil from getting too bored, Morand allowed him to invite his best friend Jett to the wedding.  The two immediately tore up the place by playing tag, their laughter filling the small wedding venue.

When Dixie showed up, she took the rooms' breath away, looking radiant in her gown and veil.  Morand had never felt happier or more in awe of a person.

The happy couple didn't believe in the old wives' tale of not seeing the bride before the wedding, and it was all Morand could do to keep his hands off his beautiful fiance and play with his unborn child.

All too soon it was time to get down to what they came for.  The groom and best man took their places and their guests found seats to stand in front of. 

For the first time today, Morand felt a twinge of nervousness.  It wasn't because he was scared of being married, but he worried about his ability to provide for this growing family.  A fireman's pay wasn't exactly leaving him in the lap of luxury and Dixie's budding music career was getting off to a slow start.

Those thoughts of doubt and worry floated away the moment Dixie started making her way down the aisle, albeit not the most gracefully.  The two loved each other, that was enough and would get them through anything.  While it's true that love doesn't pay the bills, working as a team and keeping each other strong definitely helped.

Once the ceremony started, the guests couldn't control their emotions and wept openly for the couple.  Little Jett Boggs cried in happiness for his friend Cecil who, for the first time in his life, would feel what it's like to have a mother.

Morand could only stare at his beautiful bride with a look of utter giddiness on his face.

"With this ring, I thee wed..." Dixie said, their lines memorized.  "I promise to love and cherish you, and above all else, while you are fighting fires elsewhere, to keep yours burning at home."  The older audience giggled.

"Ooh!" Dixie exclaimed, "Baby Cagley is excited about the wedding."  She rubbed her stomach where it felt like the baby was doing summersaults.  "It's ok, baby, soon enough.  Let Daddy make an honest woman out of Mommy, now."

Morand laughed and proceeded along with the ceremony.  "I promise to love, honor and cherish you.  I also promise to fix any and all plumbing issues and repairs as well as not steal all the blankets at night," he said as he slipped the ring onto her finger.

That's when Baby Cagley decided enough was enough and it was time to come out into the world.

Morand started panicking immediately, throwing his arms up in the air.  The wedding guests were mostly frozen with shock.  

It was Dixie who remained the most calm, telling Morand to go get the car, that they needed to head to the hospital.

Morand bolted for the door, with conflicted feelings running through his head.  He was excited about the baby coming, but felt terrible that the ceremony was interrupted.  They would simply have to reschedule the wedding for another day.  At least this way they were guaranteed another audience member.

One of the really useful perks of being a fireman is the ability to drive insane speeds through town with sirens blaring.  They made it to the hospital in record time.

Dixie radiated with happiness as she entered the hospital, excited about this new future ahead of them.  Morand quickly followed her in.

Several hours later, he left without her.

"We did everything we could, we're sorry" is all they had to say for what happened.  He only knew was that she was gone.  She had been holding the baby, with Morand standing next to her.  

"Have faith," she had said before slipping away.

Have faith.  That's all he had left.


Title / Brian Eno



    So the heir is born and Morand is still a single parent. =(

    I had to play the game through twice to figure out the timing of Dixie going into labor during the ceremony, though unfortunately even having a baby won't interrupt a wedding in progress, so she did join the family briefly. Her move in bonus was removed and it was very difficult having MC her into the afterlife...

  2. D :

    I are sad. Again you have made the happiness fairy cry. I am not a happy camper. I mean I knew you were going to do SOMETHING but... but that just crosses the line! Poor Morand...

  3. Very sad. But very well played. I feel for you, it's hard to make these things happen to your Sims.
    Naming the baby Faith was just beautiful. Great job.

  4. I was wondering how you were going to handle the 'single parent' part after the last chapter of adorableness, it was pitch perfect, loved it! But then again, i'm a sucker for unhappy endings ;)

  5. Thanks guys. =) It was a tough decision, and one of the only things I've done that hasn't been game driven, but it was necessary to keep to the "single parent" roll.

    I forgot to mention that Faith's traits that she was born with are Good and Genius.

    I've updated the family tree, though I think I'll wait to update the Roll for Generation 2 until Faith takes over. =)

  6. :[ Sad! Really well done though.

    I hope faith gets a super happy roll for her generation :3

  7. Awwwwww! How sweet, then tragic! *cries*

  8. This was a sad twist, even thou it was know that a twist has to happen to keep him single :(
    The ending was really good, great job :)

  9. That's so sad. I know Dixie was doomed from the start, but I still had irrational hope that it would all work out ok!

  10. *Cries* I really hoped that this would be a happy ending....some how. *cries some more* Poor Morand, he has been through so much! Now he is left yet again to raise his child on his own. You did a fabulous job with the writing though.

  11. Aww...I didnt expect this! :(

    This is a great story so far! I'm loving it!

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